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Qianhai Word - Shenzhen 2020/2021

The circle or disc is a symbol of infinity and fertility, but also represents the origin of the world, the sky and well-being. The disc is also an emblem of power. It is the most widespread symbol in Nature. It also has the universal meaning of unity, cycle and rebirth. It is one of the first forms to be drawn by humans. For the city of Qianhai, the immense symbolism of the circle represents the cycles of infinite time. Its form appears to be moving towards the open sea. The disc is pierced on both sides like the latticework of a Mashrabiyya, creating a network of thousands of round and oval windows. Intertwining circular and spiral designs create glittering graphic patterns that shine upon the bay, both day and night. This whirlwind of windows accentuates the site’s magnetic brilliance. It embodies the incessant energy of the city’s creativity and the world in movement. One third of the monument’s surface is equipped with solar panels and miniature wind turbines, cleverly placed on false windows. These energy collectors will complete the building’s power needs. The periphery of the disc incorporates an immense ring-like bay window that looks out upon the horizon to accentuate the sense of spinning and movement. A Ferris wheel installed within this ring allows visitors to take an exciting ride in individual transparent capsules from land to sea, right along the edge of the bay window and its spectacular views. The interior layout of the disc is designed like the inside of a boat. As they progress through the structure’s ten different levels, visitors will feel like they are moving through a ship headed out to sea. One of the disc’s central rooms features a light projection system of interactive virtual landscapes that change according to body movement, allowing visitors to walk through colorful landscapes that constantly transform and regenerate around them. The main lookout point of the ship is located at about 140 meters above ground. This spacious deck is designed like a grandiose «hall of mirrors», where direct land and sea views interact with reflected images, magically multiplying to infinity.




Chine (2012-2019)





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