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The theme of the RESONANCE exhibition was born in June 2023, during the visit of Jean de Malherbe and Marie Hélène de La Forest Divonne at the Courdemanche workshop. At this time of year, the studio was completely crowded and overflowing with accumulations of works of studies and models of all sizes, colors and different materials.This stratification of heterogeneous objects, old and recent, united together in a random scenography formed a sort of unity.There was in this apparent disorder of a cabinet of curiosities, a series of coherent ideas, a harmony probably due to the many photos of vats with their repetitive tondo fixed to the wall, to the transparency of the hourglasses and the wine vials, to the magnetism sensory rooms with their transparent vibrating semi-transparent frames which coexist with the environment. The formal and conceptual common thread of my work, which links together all these works pressed against each other in the workshop around the same theme «the allotted time», encouraged us that day to mount the Résonance exhibition at Brussels in March 2024. JB Metais - January 2024




China (2012-2019)

Selected Artworks




Work in Sand

Video Presentation