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Walking through Walls (2006) - Luxembourg

Jean-Bernard Métais, "Walking through Walls" (2006). Parc Pescatore, City of Luxembourg  (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

"Walking through Walls" is a permanent art installation built over the city's historical fortress, a network of bunkers now buried several meters underground. By creating the sculpture in relation to the visible and invisible passageways of the fortress, Métais regenerates a center of memory that has been physically concealed and reinvents a contemporary poetic vision that can mentally and physically piece back together a part of the "collective memory of Luxembourg".

The sculpture is composed of two hemispheres in bronze, 4 meters high and 7 meters wide, into which the visitor may enter. Positioned as a visual landmark and a place of refuge, the work acts like a prism. It is pierced with 8000 holes, like so many eyes that allow one to look out upon the surrounding landscape. Moving through the sculpture, one has the impression of passing through an anteroom that triggers a mechanism of connection and disconnection. The work is designed as a vehicle of discovery and experimentation for each visitor.

Commissioned by the City of Luxembourg

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