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Sensor dream - lysfiskeren - Bergen - Norway

Fisherman of Light, Catcher of Dreams

The urban and unspoiled aspects of the site, the ‘district in the countryside’ of Florida between two worlds has strongly determined, my artistic approach. The work as a whole is devoted to metaphor and daydream, to the connection with the site and to the people who live there. This semitransparent construction absorbs the site without overshadowing it, stratifies itself within the place, embraces the surrounding landscape with empathy and transparency. Here I wanted to catch the look and the dreams of the passers-by in a single movement; the work is akin to a magnetic lantern which guides and softly pacifies the traveller and site. Totemic by being sited opposite the tram station, the work is a kind of floating utopian house, with a mesh of curved networks which converge together thanks to three circles and defined for the space in which it takes place. This is a floating, autonomous and luminous and phosphorescent structure ; a shape with polysemic outlines which refers to the mineral, plant and organic world. A vessel created for utopian voyages, a construction of apparitions and disappearances, a mirror to our world, in mutation and perpetual evolution

Jean Bernard Metais: Projet Bergen
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China (2012-2019)

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