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Séoul 2024

The giant hourglass project near Seoul is an ambitious initiative aimed at creating a new iconic attraction. This hourglass will stand approximately 20 meters tall and be made of reinforced glass and stainless steel. It will be installed in a park located 30 kilometers south of the capital, offering visitors a space for tranquility and reflection. The design of the hourglass combines traditional and modern elements, symbolizing the union between the past and the future.

In addition to its impressive aesthetic, the giant hourglass will incorporate interactive technologies to enhance the visitor experience. Sensors will track the sand level in real time, while LED screens will display information about the passage of time and inspirational quotes. A dedicated mobile app will allow for a personalized experience, enabling visitors to add personal messages projected onto the hourglass. This project aims to raise awareness about the fleeting nature of time and the importance of living each moment fully, while reinforcing Seoul’s reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking city.




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