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Red Sun - Shangra

Red Sun - Shangra (currently in design phase)
Built on a vast decontaminated industrial site, the city of Shangra includes a remarkable nature park centred on a 200-hectare lake. Jean-Bernard Métais's idea for the lake is a work that will function as both icon and repository: its core concept is a monumentally spherical "archisculpture" that connects with the setting and the climate while also housing an ecology museum devoted to the site's history. Rising and falling in intensity from orange to bright red, the lighting is orchestrated to suggest the rhythm of a heartbeat. Inside the sphere an array of climatic data sensors feed into software providing real-time information on wind speed, storms, earthquakes, eclipses of the moon and earth, solar flares and other natural phenomena.
Maquette photo © Jean-Bernard Métais




China (2012-2019)

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